Forex Partnership program


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Commission per signup Refer potential clients and get a fixed payment

This is a great offer for partners that have mastered their marketing and lead generation skills and want to receive a stable, predictable income. Get paid a fixed flat rate for all the potential clients you refer, whether they deposit and trade or not.

Terms and conditions

Partners that choose this partnership type will receive $3 to $5 for every qualified registration (lead). The rate depends on the total monthly volume of new registrations, according to the following table:

Monthly registrations Rate per lead
1-1000 $3
1001-5000 $4
over 5000 $5

Currently we pay for sign ups from the following countries:
Europe: UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Portugal and Spain
Middle East: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Iman and Bahrain
South America: Brazil, Mexico, Chili CIS countries: Russia and Kazakhstan

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Our advantages

  • Attractive low spreads
  • Unique bonuses for clients
  • Automatic and manual rebates
  • Flexible partnership options
  • Quality promo materials
  • Help with promotion
  • SWIFT payments
  • The most favourable conditions
  • Direct links with no ID
  • A trustworthy brand

We pay out to